Minion Glow in the Dark - Plastic - Vape 510 Drip Tip - 1pc




This Minion Glow in the Dark plastic drip or tank style tip fits most 510/901/808 atomizers and clearatomizers. The 510 threaded vaping tip is very smooth on the lips and this Minions Glow in the Dark drip tip is 1.25" tall in total and 1.17" wide (widest point). This style is all plastic. The 510 threaded tip has 2, not one, but 2 o-rings for maximum seal. The 510 thread tip is very smooth plastic, glows in the dark and can be used for an adapter/extension as well if you like.

1 brand new Minion Glow in the Dark, Plastic Vape 510 Drip Tip - 1pc (as shown) with o-ring included, in a plastic package from the factory.



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